Long Tail Keywords

Why Should You Target Long Tail Keywords?

Everybody is fighting over generic keywords, which makes them really hard to rank for.

But in reality, the most popular keywords aren’t the most profitable ones. It’s easier to rank for “automate long tail keyword research” than for “keyword research tool”, and it’s more relevant for your users.

In many cases, just by writing a great piece of content that uses long tail keywords, you can dramatically improve your rankings.

Many industry studies have come to the same conclusion, that about 70% of organic traffic goes to long tail keywords.

Which is more reason to go after the easy wins rather than fighting tooth-and-nail to get an *ok* position for a generic term.

While you’re losing sleep over this:

People are actually looking for:

The more specific the query, the further down the buying cycle your visitor is.

Which one of these users is more likely to buy?

Long tail keywords account for 70% of all online searches, and convert 2.5x more often than head terms:

So they’re easier to rank for, they’re more relevant for your users and bring in more revenue. Are you leveraging these keywords in your business yet?

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